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Debut Novel: Qubit

An ambitious Singapore gangster recruits an elite hacker to steal a devastatingly powerful quantum computer and hijack the world's financial markets. Meanwhile, a beautiful streetwise CIA agent is determined to foil their plan in a case that could make or break her career.With settings ranging from Detroit to Singapore to the slums of Bihar, India (the “Sicily of India”), Qubit examines both the vulnerability of our cryptographic infrastructure and corruptibility of our financial systems. The story features international intrigue, a violent gang war, an unlikely love story, and an intricate cryptographic chess match that takes place as the global economy teeters on the brink of collapse. “Brilliant…Well written with complex characters…An author to follow.” “Outstanding! The characters…are wonderfully fleshed out.”

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About The Author

Finn Mack was born an Army brat in the Panama Canal Zone, growing up in exotic locales like La Paz, Bolivia, and Detroit, Michigan. He played various sports in high school and college and, in between launching tech startups, pursued a career as a technology consultant to Global 2000 firms. Mack is passionate about the ethical application of technology to transform the human condition for the better. He's a bit of a tequila snob and plays blues piano badly. He lives in Marina Del Rey, California, with his beautiful wife, Adele, and two step-daughters. Qubit, a techno-thriller that explores the potential impact of practical quantum computers on cryptography and, in particular, the financial system, is his debut novel.